A vintage owl on the fence

I like to try new things. I know I could go and buy the finished product or even materials to make it, but I would rather just see what I can do from what I already have if possible. I am going to my friends daughters first birthday party soon. She told me her daughter was already spoilt and there was no need to get her a birthday present. I could never turn up empty handed and thought I could try make something. I knew I had some floral fabric that the Mum of the girl would like, and searched Google to see what I could make. Somehow I arrived at the idea of a small vintage owl pillow, inspired fom etsy. I made my own pattern and figured out how to put it together.

I am still on the fence about whether to give it to her or not, as I am not sure if I like it. It is kind of odd. Would a one year old girl cuddle it, lie on it or play with it? Maybe I could still give it but buy something else to go with it.

Vintage Owl

Vintage Owl


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