Fitting Clothes

I realised today just how fast time has been flying for me. I struggled to remember what it felt like to have a large pregnant belly and what it felt like to feel Israel kick and swim around inside that belly! I think I almost miss it, even though having him out here with me is much more fun. We had some friends over for lunch today and their adorable son is nearly three years old. She also can’t believe how fast time has gone by. When she hangs her washing she usually considers how small his clothes are, but then when seeing Israel she realises just how much smaller his clothes used to be. It’s funny how many women I have spoken to struggle to remember just how small their baby was when they were born. When you look at someone all day long, you often don’t realise how their face and body keeps changing until all of a sudden they don’t fit their clothes anymore! I guess that’s why couples often don’t notice when one of them is putting on weight! Uh oh, better keep an eye on that!

Birthday vs 4 months

Birthday vs 4 months


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