Family and Fish

We have had a lot of family visitors stay with us recently, which has been fun to entertain them. I have been blessed with a little baby who currently sleeps so well that once he is in bed at 7pm, I have the rest of the night to be with guests. Currently Michaels sister is staying with us before she heads over to Israel where she is working for six weeks as a doctor. She loves being an Aunty to Israel and in fact Israel is lucky to currently have two aunties and six uncles.. and I am sure the list will keep growing as more of our siblings get married.

Tonight’s dinner was Salmon, which is a favourite of mine. I used to let my husband cook the fish, because as a keen free diver, tank diver and fisherman, he had a lot of experience cooking it. However a month ago I came across a wonderful Mustard Roasted Salmon recipe for baking Salmon, and have done it several times since then as it has quickly become a favourite of ours. It’s such an easy meal but tastes delicious and can be presented well too. This evening’s salmon was served with a pumpkin mash, beans and capsicum. This is again one of those easy meals to prepare between getting Israel to bed.

Mustard Roasted Salmon

Mustard Roasted Salmon


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