I love puns

My humour is a little cheesy and so I love a good pun. When I lived in London for a little while I worked with a small team of people who also loved puns. They even had a punning game they would play in our open office environment. You took the opportunity to pun in response to someone else’s everyday sentence and then every time you made a pun you would follow it up with a loud and deep “ayyyyy” to signify you had punned. The game would go something like this. Person 1: Would you like a cup of tea? Person 2: Yes, milk and sugar would be nif-TEA (nifty)… ayyyyy! (Therefore making TEA the word to pun). Person 3: Sorry I left the sugar jar emp-TEA (empty)… ayyyyy! Person 4: Well next time show some responsibiliTEA (responsibility) and refill it, ayyyyy!

Today I was popping out to visit a friend I hadn’t seen since last year, who happened to have had their 30th birthday yesterday. We don’t usually do birthday gifts for each other but about an hour before leaving I decided it would be nice to do a little something. But what?…in a hurry! I whipped up a very cheesy card with a tea bag man and the pun punchline “Happy Thir-tea-ith Birthday“. Then I thought I would make them a mini birthday cake as I don’t think they had one. I searched Google knowing that single microwave cake recipes in a mug or jar existed, and I happened to have a box of jars ready for use. Jars, tin cans, gift boxes… just some of things I hoard for things like this. It didn’t take long to make and I topped it with some cream and sprinkles, as that was what I had handy. I think I need to buy a small pack of candles so that next time I could put one in the centre. I covered it in glad wrap and boxed it, as I didn’t have time to put a label over the branded lid of the jar. I love that in just a short time I had a cute little gift to show it’s the thought that counts, which is more effort than buying a box of chocolates.

(Sorry, I didn’t get a photo of the cake itself without the ribbon.)

Homemade Card, Chocolate Cake in a Jar

Homemade Card, Chocolate Cake in a Jar


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