Simple Homemade Cards

I’ve got two kids birthday parties to go to soon, one for a girl turning one and for a boy turning three. Again I can’t justify NZ$5 for a piece of card that may just get thrown away, so I would rather make a card. I enjoy creating simple cards and think that people appreciate the effort that goes into them. I was raised with the attitude that every bit counts, so I’m always trying to save money where I can without being too ‘cheap’. I still want to have a generous heart!

These two cards were very easy to make and I guess I just want to show that anyone can do stuff like this if they have some bits and bobs lying around the house. I am just a ‘Jane of all trades but a master of none’, so they are pretty basic. I just created a generic simple pink butterfly card for the girl. You could even say the vertical ribbon symbolises the number one. The little boy loves monkeys so it made sense to do that theme for him. Inside the tag line of the card reads “Monkey rhymes with Three. Happy 3rd Birthday“. Both cards were just created with materials I have accumulated over time.

Butterfly and Monkey Birthday Cards

Butterfly and Monkey Birthday Cards


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