Mothers Day

Today was my very first Mothers Day as a Mum. My husband is away on a work trip to Fiji and I wasn’t quite sure whether he would remember. I woke up and thought that if he had remembered that there might be something in his bedside table draw… and sure enough, bingo! I even opened it, despite knowing he would probably contact me to tell me it was there (which he did an hour later). Was that naughty for me to go ahead and open it anyway before he called? He had written a card on behalf of Israel and gave a small box of Belgian chocolates. Well done to him for remembering!

Some people go all out for Mothers Day but personally I think big gifts are unnecessary. Therefore we have tried to set a tradition for both Mothers Day and Fathers Day that it should just be a card and maybe a very small gift, or preferably, a homemade card or gift when the kid(s) are old enough to make them. I guess when the kids are much older they can decide if they want to lavishly spoil us! Haha! You would think that I had more than one child but I often refer to the other ones we plan to have in the future.

The card turned out to be the highlight of my day. Michael had written in the card using his left hand to make it look like childish handwriting. It melted my heart when I read “When I am sad then the only thing that makes me happy is my Mum“. Aww! Proud to be a Mum!

Mothers Day

Mothers Day


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