Boys Brigade

I think New Zealand’s population has just seen a surge in males. Okay so perhaps I am exaggerating. Last year 5 friends of mine all had boys, plus my boy this year, and now another friend has just found out she is having a boy too. It would be great if they all got along as that’s an instant bunch of friends right there. My husband and his mates are already planning the boys hunting and fishing adventures!

I thought I would get cracking on a baby shower card for my friend now that I know what she’s having. I was inspired by a card I received and thought I would give something similar a try. I am an a novice knitter – I only know one stitch and how to cast on and off. Patience is certainly something I lack, so whilst I could never knit anything significant, this little number was right up my alley. I quickly realised I would probably forever be a novice as this small project was painful enough, haha. Glad I gave it a go though!

Baby Shower Card

Baby Shower Card


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